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15 Sep

Understanding EU's Blue Card

The Blue Card is a special work permit available to certain citizens of non-European Union nations that allows them to work and live anywhere across the EU. Three countries...

27 Aug

Germany's Top Job Vacancies by Industry 2014

Recently released information on the state of Germany’s job market shows that there are specific sectors of the market with a great need for workers. Job seekers in Germany...

31 Mrz

The Ever Shrinking German Demographic

The Effect on Foreign Companies Recruiting in Germany In Germany it is a big topic: The population is shrinking. While in the past German population growth was normal and...

31 Mrz

Hiring Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting in Germany

As a recruitment agency in Germany, specializing in helping foreign companies set up shop here, we find that these companies often make the following mistakes:   Contracts A German...

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